1) SEO and your business

The first thing we do is understand where SEO fits into your overall marketing and business strategy. This overall commercial context informs everything else we do.

2) Keyphrase research

At this stage we map your marketing strategy onto the most relevant and high traffic keyphrases (i.e. search terms). This ensures that every month your Google presence will capture a high volume of relevant enquiries – and revenue – from within your target market.

3) Business Case Analysis

Based on your historical data (if available) and competitor research, we will project the number of visitors, enquiries and sales your SEO strategy will deliver. If this Return on Investment is attractive, a proposal is submitted.

4) Project kick-off

A detailed Schedule of Work and Project Plan are drawn up, so that from the very start of our work together, you are clear on what outcomes to expect, and when to expect them.
Regular meetings ensure that communication channels are always open and that we continue to work within your strategy as your needs evolve.

5) Maintenance, development, ROI tracking

Your business will only benefit from its Google positions as long as they are maintained. So every month we work pre-emptively to keep you ahead of your competitors for the search terms that you have top positions for. In addition, we constantly develop your SEO sales channel through improving your conversion rates and positions for search terms you already rank well for, as well as examining new search terms that will deliver a good Return on Investment to you. This means we are constantly engaged with your business in the same way as an internal SEO team would be.