10 Reasons I Love Blogging

I’ve been blogging since May 2014 and there are many reasons as to why I continue to blog. I love blogging, hence why I’ve stuck at it for so long, but what exactly is it that has made me stick to it for nearly 2 and a half years to date? Let’s find out as I share with you my 11 Reasons I Love Blogging:

1 | It’s the first time I’ve really stuck at something. Over time I’ve never really stuck to a hobby or an idea I’ve had. I’ve gone through phases in life; sewing, designing greeting cards, jewellery-making or even being a freelance photographer for an online magazine. All of these were hobbies to give me something to commit to, but none of them lasted more than just a couple of months before I got bored. When I first set up my blog back in 2014 I didn’t even know what I was doing, nor did I have a plan of any kind. I just went with the flow. But more than two years later, I’m still blogging away and have even begun a career from my little space on the internet. *happy dance*

2 | It’s extremely rewarding. There are many reasons why I love blogging just from this point alone. Blogging for me has been very rewarding in terms of growing confidence, expanding my CV, enhancing my skills and knowledge, meeting lots of lovely new people and also being able to take on new opportunities I never thought I’d be able to experience.

3 | There are a lot of social opportunities. I’ve been to four blogger events to date and been inundated with press events and launches every month.

All of this becomes quite overwhelming at times, but it’s a great way to socialise with new people who love doing the exact same thing! Being able to meet and hang out with bloggers alike who have similar interests is a great thing and is also a lot easier to deal with on the day than you think.

4 | I can still incorporate my love for photography. I graduated with a degree in photography, but I’ve been working my way up as a Digital Marketer ever since.

Photography never worked out as a career choice for me in the end – it happens – but all is not lost, as I still love taking my camera places. As for my blog though, I get to incorporate my love for photography into it to take all my blog photos. A skill many people are now beginning to take on themselves too.

5 | It’s a great way to vent. I find my evenings sat on the sofa with a hot cuppa, a couple of biscuits and tapping away on my laptop quite therapeutic. Writing blog posts is something I enjoy, but more so when there’s an opportunity to vent in some way or another. Now, I don’t mean going crazy and cussing at every chance I get! I simply mean mentioning a few things that have been on my mind. Albeit, I never delve into my personal life here on my blog – I’m curious as to if I ever should – but I like to vent about blogging-related topics.

6 | It’s the one space where I can get very creative with my ideas. My full-time job heavily involves coming up with ideas on the weekly, if not daily, but they’re not always put into action. With my blog, however, I can think of an idea and act on it simultaneously. When I see my ideas come to life; no matter how big or small it is, it makes me extremely happy to know that’s something I created.

| It’s made me love something I once used to hate; writing. Back in school, college and the beginning of university, I hated writing with a passion. The moment the word ‘essay’ or ‘review’ was thrown my way, I’d curl up and die inside. Once my dissertation came along and I had my first crack at blogging already, I found it somewhat, fun. I actually enjoyed writing my dissertation and now with my blog, I get to write about what I want to.

8| It’s introduced a new career prospect. Although this isn’t guaranteed and isn’t something that’s currently on the horizon, it’s nice to know that so long as I carry on doing what I’m doing, one day this could potentially become a full-time career for me. The best thing about that is that I  have created that opportunity for myself. No one else.

9 | I’m never bored with blogging. The issue in the past when starting a new hobby, was that they always seemed the same, day in, day out. No matter how much I felt like I was switching things up, the outcome felt the same each time which is why boredom took over and the hobby was put to an end. With blogging, however, there’s never a dull moment – especially when Twitter is involved!

10 | I can blog wherever I want. Internet isn’t always a necessity when it comes to working on your blog. There’s the occasional evening throughout the week where I don’t open up anything other than trusty Excel and Word. All I need is an idea and then I can start tapping away on my keyboard. The perks to this are that I can then take my blogging wherever I want; abroad, to the local coffee shop, the park on a sunny day, or even as I commute to and from work. I love the flexibility it offers.

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